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May an adviser give retirement plan participants conflicted investment advice?

The U.S. Labor department published (on November 20, 2009) its withdrawal of a controversial rule that would have interpreted some conditions under which an adviser may provide investment advice without breaking ERISA's rules against self-dealing conflicts.

Click here to read more about this issue.

2010 Retirement Plan Limits

Click here to read the limits for contributions to retirement plans in 2010.

Using ERISA’s new default-investment rule

A new rule provides a retirement plan’s fiduciary some relief from responsibility for deciding exactly how to invest a plan account of a participant, beneficiary, or alternate payee who hasn’t directed investment. You’re not liable for what results because of investing an individual’s account in a qualified default investment alternative. The rule’s relief is available not only with an “automatic-contribution” arrangement but also for other default investments.

Click this link for my explanation of the new rule and some practical pointers.


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