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Important Information

While I hope that you find this website useful, everything here is just information, and not any kind of advice. Some of it might not be up-to-date. Everything here is an overview. Don’t rely on any information you see here as a reason to act (or fail to act); instead, get expert advice.

Nothing about this website creates a lawyer-client or other business relationship between any person and any sponsor of the website. Likewise, merely writing to me, or even talking with me, can’t establish a lawyer-client or other relationship. I accept clients only by a written agreement. Before accepting a client, I try to make sure that there wouldn’t be a conflict of interest. Also, beyond the absence of a conflict and a potential client’s ability to pay my fees, there are other professional and business factors that I consider in deciding whether it’s wise for me to accept a client.

Until you’ve become a client, please don’t send me any confidential information. However, in a telephone conversation we can discuss enough information to help you consider whether you want my advice, and for me to consider whether I’d accept you as a client.

My privacy policy is simple: I follow a lawyer’s duty to keep confidences. I follow the lawyers’ rule even if a client engaged me as a consultant rather than as a lawyer. If keeping information confidential is important to you, consider that the opportunity to keep a communication confidential usually is stronger if your communication was to your lawyer for you to get legal advice. Usually, the lawyer’s duty to keep confidences along with my own views about how important confidential communication is means that I don’t reveal a client’s secret or confidence unless you authorize me to do so or a court order or applicable law requires me to break your confidence.

For more information, contact Fiduciary Guidance Counsel at (215) 732-1552 or send an email.

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